Pictures from my traveling phone and image archive

A grandfather tells the mullah a very long story at a religious wedding ceremony in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It was quite comical when a relative had to cut him short, reminding him that the mullah had come to conduct a marriage.

Organic tea pickers in Maud, Assam, India. If you drink Tazo or Numi tea, this is one of the sources of your tea leaves

An ancient baby weight scale at a hospital on a tea estate. I love the basket - amazing to think this is one of the first surfaces babies here are laid on, almost immediately after birth. Sewpur, Assam, India

Weighing the morning’s work. Tea pickers in Tonganagaon, Assam, east India

Calcutta airport - heading to Assam on assignment. It’s wonderful to be back in India!

This woman in Guangzhou caught a turtle in a canal and wanted to sell it “as a pet or for soup.” The starting price was 1000 yuan.

Drinking rice wine with organic tea farmers in Wuyuan, Jiangxi, China

A tea farmer’s hat in Dazhangshan, Jiangxi, China

Leaving the Kashgar airport. Thanks for following my work in Xinjiang. I’m going to be posting bits from assignment work elsewhere in China in the coming days

Well-heeled Chinese and Uighur youth partying at Kashgar’s ‘Phever Pub’ - complete with a singing midget and dancing girls. The lighting and the dancing midget kept bringing me back to Twin Peaks

Napping in an alley in Kashgar’s old city, western China

Kashgar medicine man

Bored merchants selling Yengisar knives in Xinjiang, western China

A Uighur boy plays in the remains of a living room in Kashgar, Xinjiang, western China. Kashgar is undergoing a major ‘modernization’ of its old city

Rebuilding Kashgar